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Becoming Mividi Sales Partners

We are seeking companies and agents with experiences in TV and telecommunication equipment and enterprise software markets.

Mividi provides the following choices of multi-tier partnership:

  • Tier 1 Marketing Partners: These partners will be responsible for the sale of Mividi products only, while Mividi will be responsible for installation and follow-up customer support;
  • Tier 2 Marketing and Support Partners: These partners will be responsible for not only the sale of Mividi products, but also providing installation and first tier support;

Mividi is willing to work with other peer companies for technical cooperation, the cooperative enterprises can do second development based on Mividi software. Mividi also provides customization, as well as module design and development.

Please contact Mividi to obtain more detailed information on marketing and technology cooperation.

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Our Sales Partners

  • USA

  • Hefei, China

  • Beijing, China

  • Hong Kong

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Taiwan

  • Australia and New Zealand

  • Czech, Slovakia

  • USA

  • Thailand

  • Russia

  • Korea