The mobile IPTV & HLS Analyzer app is designed to run in a portable computer and used by field engineers to analyze and troubleshoot video services. It can be used for IPTV and OTT services that utilize the HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) protocol.

Both IPTV and HLS services use MPEG transport stream to package encoded video and audio data and transport video data from service providers to consumers. A variety of errors may occur during video transport over the IP networks. These may include packet loss, encoding and multiplexing errors, IP packet jitter and vide segment file downloading delay. The Mividi mobile IPTV & HLS Analyzer provides a portable and easy-to-use tool to check service errors in the field.

The Mividi Mobile IP & HLS Analyzer is pre-configured with two inputs to support these two types of input IP streams. The IP input can be used to receive TS data over UDP/IP streams and the HLS input is used to receive HLS streams. The Analyzer provides auto-scan function to discover UDP/IP streams in the network, and provides simple result display that can be read and understood quickly by field service technicians.

The Analyzer provides MPEG transport stream layer and IP delivery layer analysis. It can detect errors including signal loss, pack loss and jitter, and decoding errors, and provides video and audio play function. A quick overview of error status in different categories is provided, which include TS analysis, IP Media Delivery Index analysis, HLS playlist syntax and segment file downloading analysis.

MPEG Transport Stream Analysis

The mobile IPTV & HLS Analyzer provides TS analysis for both UDP/IP and HLS streams. It supports MPEG-2, AVC, and HEVC video encoding formats, as well as commonly used audio formats including MP3, AAC, AAC plus, and AC3. It can also decode MPEG PSI metadata tables and perform standard compliance checks on these data.

The system performs detailed TS error checks based on TS test guideline TR 101 290 and reports all three priority level errors. It analyzes transport stream program structure, measures PID bitrate, performs PCR, and buffer analysis, detects any black and frozen frames, and monitors missing audio and video element streams.

Transport stream errors may result in video decoding failure, macroblocks, and lip sync errors. All stream errors are logged in the database for later review, and full stream segments can also be recorded.

HLS Analyzer application example
Enter URLs of HLS playlist

Audio and Video Stream Monitoring

Metadata tables, audio, video and other types of data can be present in a transport stream. The IP Analyzer monitors every unique PID in the TS, and decodes metadata tables to identify the content types carried with each PID.

The system performs statistical calculation to measure the bitrate of each elementary stream, and the percentage of bandwidth used by each elementary stream. From the PID bitrate table, any missing audio, video and other data streams can be quickly discovered. In addition to the PID bitrate, the Analyzer provides additional information such as audio and video encoding format.

Play Video

The Video/Audio page is used to play video and audio and display codec information. If there are multiple programs in the transport stream, the “Select Program” drop-down box will show a list of program numbers. Select a program number and click the “Play” button, the selected programs will be played, and the video and audio codec information will be displayed.

MPEG transport layer analysis for HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)
Remote User Interface of HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) Analyzer

Status Summary and Error Logs

The Analyzer provides error summary in different test categories, including transport stream errors, IP packet errors and HLS errors. If any errors occur on one of the categories, you can drill-down to detailed analysis page for more information.

In addition, all errors detected are recorded in the database, including the time the error occurred, the error code, any additional messages about the error, and the input and transport stream where the error was detected. The IP Analyzer provides searching functions to find the errors that you are interested in. Searching can be made based on a number of different criteria, including the time period when the errors occurred, and error codes. In addition, you can limit the search to a specific input and transport stream.

Selected errors can be exported to a text file by using the “Export” button. After you click the “Export” button, a “Save File” dialog will be displayed for you to specify the file name and location for the export file.

IP Packet Analysis (MDI)

The mobile IPTV & HLS Analyzer will measure the IP packet jitter by measuring the Media Delivery Index (MDI) on the IP flows in the UDP/IP streams. The MDI includes two measurements: Delay Factor (DF) that measures the IP packet jitter and Media Loss Rate (MLR) that measures the packet loss over time.

In addition, the bitrate of video streams in the network is also measured. If there’re multiple streams exist in the network, the Analyzer will list up to 10 streams and their measured values are displayed in the chart. MDI errors will be reported if their values exceed the threshold defined in the system setting.

Error Log and Alarm View of HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) Analyzer
Remote User Interface of HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) Analyzer

HLS Analysis

The HLS Analysis includes two parts: syntax analysis of the HLS playlist files and video segment downloading monitoring. The syntax analysis will check the validity of playlist tags and associated values. The segment file downloading monitoring will measure the rolling average of downloading time and compare the average downloading time to the target duration of the media. If the average downloading time is larger than the average target duration, the system will report an error message since the decoding will suffer buffer underflow.


  • Inputs:
    • 1G IP interface
    • Supports TS over UDP, RTP/UDP
    • Support HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) streaming protocol
    • Support multicast and unicast stream
    • Support HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) streaming protocol and transport stream directly over HTTP protocol
    • Support muxed and unmuxed HLS streams
    • Support AES-128 encrypted HLS streams
  • Supports MPEG-2, AVC/H.264, HEVC/H.265 video formats
  • Supports MP3, AAC, AAC plus, and AC3 audio formats
  • Transport stream and elementary stream bitrate analysis
  • Transport stream error detection based on TR 101 290 TS test guideline. All priority level 1, 2, and 3 errors are tested.
  • IP transport layer analysis including MDI (media loss and delay factor) measurements
  • HLS playlist protocol analysis
  • HTTP session analysis and recording and comparison of downloading time to expected media time
  • Real-time play of audio and video streams
  • An easy-to-read summary display for the stream status in each measurement category
  • All errors are logged and easily searchable based on database query
  • Runs on Windows laptop or tablet computers


  • Field services for IPTV and streaming video providers
  • Head-end test and troubleshooting tool



IP: UDP/IP or Multicast

Micro-USB transfer Cable:

Micro-USB3.0: Transfer speed 100Mbps
Win8,10 free drive

OS & Hardware Specification:

OS: Windows 7, 8.1 or 10
CPU: Intel dual core or better CPU
Hard drive: 64 GB Solid State Drive or 500 GB SATA or SAS HDD
Network: Micro-USB transfer Cable WIFI: 802.11a/b/g/n wireless protocol 1G Ethernet
Screen: 1080 x 720 resolution or better
Graphic Cards: Intel HD Graphics
USB interface: 1×Micro-USB3.0

Model number and price info:

Product Model number Price
Mobile IPTV & HLS Analyzer Software MIA180 $680 USD

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